VENUS V-668 DF Full Face Mask

VENUS V-668 DF Full Face Mask are a range of respiratory protection masks proficient at protecting wearers from particulate contaminants present in work environments. Produced from natural neoprene rubber – Easy to use & maintain Zero power hard coated Visor – Polycarbonate lens meet impact test test requirement for face protection, high clarity & durability.

  • It has a 6 strap head harness that facilitates even distribution of weight and gives head support.
  • Provides leak proof fit.
  • Adjustable neck straps for better handling.
  • Zero power hard coated visor that has a high impact resistance hence provides face protection.
  • High clarity, durability and double anti-fog.
  • Inner face piece silicone that prevents fogging on the visor.
  • Special Venus threads for superior ergonomic fit.
  • It is fitted with a speech diaphragm for easy and audible communication.
  • RD40 thread for connection to any standard thread, gas filter as per IS 14138 (part 1): 1994.
  • Has an adjustable Penta Belt that gives head support and even distribution of weight.
  • Efficient ventilation system with easy maintenance.


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