VENUS Mask V-220 SLV FFP2 NR D Cup Style With Exhalation Valve

Venus Safety V-220 SLV FFP2 NR Respirator Mask are a range of respiratory protection masks proficient at protecting wearers from particulate contaminants present in work environments. The material of these Venus safety respiratory masks is stitched double elastic with elastic sown outside the filter. This improves the filtration capacity of this disposable respirator to a great degree and allows workers to use these disposable respirators effectively in environments with air contamination levels up to 12 times the permissible limit. The aluminium nose clip and adjustable beads allow the user to adjust the mask to fit perfectly, and the skin-friendly material keeps the user comfortable while wearing this Venus safety respirator mask. These Venus safety respiratory masks are resistant to high temperature and can be used by wearers with a wide variety of face contours.

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  • These respirators are of cup shape design which are lightweight and have a collapse resistant shell.
  • These respirators have superior micro-fine media technology which protects the user from reparable suspended particulate matter.
  • The filters have a high dust holding capacity which do not get clogged thereby increasing the respirators life.
  • The series consist of a Venus’s Stay cool butterfly vent valve which provides superior breathing comfort by removing built up heat inside the mask and aides in easy communication. These respirators also come with a special transparent valve cap to demonstrate the performance of the valve.
  • These series of respirators have NR D Anti clogging mark. These series of respirators have passed dolomite test and can resist clogging in very high dust environments.
  • These respirators include an activated carbon layer for absorption of nuisance level of obnoxious odour and vapour.
  • These respirators have unique fit adjustors which provide optimum fit & comfort.
  • It has an outer flame retardant layer to protect against welding sparks.
  • They have the headband sewn on the outside filter media to avoid puncture in the filter area and provide a leak-proof fit.
  • They also have latex free textile elastic which is skin friendly, has a long life and does not deform with repeat wears under high temperature.
  • It comes with a unique Nose liner inside the mask which prevents leakage and provides a comfortable fit.
  • These respirators has a full foam seal which absorbs perspiration, offering more comfort and improves fitting and safety.
  • It is a Pharma-food industry variant respirator. It has no metal exposure & minimum lint which minimizes the risk of product contamination.


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