• LCD size is 48 x 16mm
  • Product size is  130 x 74 x 41mm
  • The pocket digital multimeter  is a battery-powered, average responding-rms indicating multimeter
  • Pocket digital multimeter will test DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance,capacitance
  • Include input impedance for DC, low battery display, sleep mode, full icon display, data hold,transistor, continuity buzzer, diode fuction
  • The input impedance for DC voltage measurement around 10mW, the max display 1999

This Model UT30B multimeter is a 3 1/2 digits with steady operations, fashionable structure, low power consumption and highly reliable hand-held measuring instrument. The Meter uses large scale of integrated circuit with double integrated A/D converter as its core. The Meter not only can measure AC/DC voltage,DC Current, resistance, and Diodes & Transistor test, but also has data hold, LCD backlight and Low Battery Display features.

What you are viewing is a UNI-T UT30B 9V LCD multifunction digital multimeter, one kind of UNI-T brand new pocket digital multimeter. Perfect for professional or around-the-house use, the UNI-T UT30B multifunction digital multimeter has just about everything, such as data retention, background light, automatic shut down, continuity Test, diode test. Feature standard volt/current/res, the UNI-T UT30B multifunction handheld digital multimeter also offers temperature, capacitance, frequency and diode/transistor testing. Besides, made of high quality material, the UNI-T UT30B pocket digital multimeter is durable and reliable for long time use.This is it! The UNI-T UT30B best digital multimeter is what you are waiting for! Affordable and reliable, how can you miss it?

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