TROTEC Pyrometer Dew Point Scanner BP25

The BP25 measures via temperature and humidity sensor the actually room temperature and the relative humidity. On the basis of this value the optimal dew point is determined. If the temperature at a point in the room is over or under the dew point, the humidity condenses from the air. For quick measuring point identification a visual targeting laser can also be connected, if necessary.

  • Measuring the surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity and dew point temperature with just one device.
  • Dew point alarms indicated by a change of display color, acoustic alarm signal and bar graph indicator.
  • Non-contact infrared surface temperature measurements from -50 °C to 260 °C.
  • Measuring optics 20:1
  • Measuring spot diameter display due to dual laser pointer.
  • Back-lit display.
  • Automatic switch-off function.
  • Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec.
  • Practice-optimized German industrial design – protected design patent.
  • Optimum value-for-money ratio.


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