The G1 Integrated System

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Optional Head-Up-Display
• LEDs, located in demand valve, • display pressure, system and alarm status unobtrusively and without work interruption
• Signals delivered through the line to the demand valve and continue to the inside of the mask through light pipes
• Cost intensive electronics are kept out of the mask, which reduces its price and makes cleaning easier
• The entire team has access to top-grade technology, while each firefighter can still maintain his or her own personal mask for added hygiene.

The G1 Integrated System
The G1 Integrated System

State of the Art Harness
• Comfortable padding
• Extremely robust cover fabric to withstand repeated exposure to flame and heat (NFPA approved)
• Robust adjustment buckles made from cast steel
• Protection tunnels for lines with reflective features
• Integrated stand-by support for demand valve

Control Module
• Combined digital and analog pressure reading
• Intuitive interface displays essential information by default allowing the user to concentrate on his job
• Other data is available with a touch of a button

The G1 Integrated System
The G1 Integrated System

Low Profile Face Mask
• Open port technology for free breathing when in stand-by (demand valve not attached)
• Huge field of vision for unobstructed view
• Low profile for less snagging and improved weight distribution
• Independent of electronic options to minimize costs for individual mask ownership and upkeep
• All components easily accessable and interchangeable for easy maintenance and cleaning
• Available in 3 sizes
• Choice of classic rubber or modern fabric harness

Optional Voice Projection Speaker
• Integrated microphone picks up voice
• inside the maskindependent of environmental conditions
• High volume and speech intelligibility
• Improves team and training communication

The G1 Integrated System
The G1 Integrated System

Central Processing Module
• Centrally processes all data on the SCBA: motion detection, data distribution to HUD, control module, voice speaker
• Piezo alarm sounders project in all directions
• Built-in RFID reader to log on with personal tag, team assignment or pairing information Single Power Supply
• All components powered with a single power supply
• Simplified battery monitoring and exchanging
• Greater system reliability Long-Range Radio
• Industry-leading telemetry with proven track record
• Low impact monitoring with high accountability
• Operates with alphaBASE and alphaCONTROL 2

Advanced Hip Belt Features
Swivelling to follow • body movement
• Easy to use and robust height adjustment to accomodate different torso lengths

The G1 Integrated System
The G1 Integrated System
The G1 Integrated System

Buddy Breather 2nd Connection
• Allows connection to fellow firefighter in case of emergency
• Y-piece connector enables donation of air without breaking recipient’s air supply
• Allows for easy connection to airline system
• 1.2 m medium pressure line in pouch on hip

Optional alphaCLICK High Pressure Quick Connect
• Saves 90% of time needed for cylinder exchange
• Built-in flow restrictor prevents uncontrolled flow in case of inadvertent valve opening

The G1 Integrated System
The G1 Integrated System

Optional QuickFill Connection
• Direct high pressure connection for fast cylinder refill while donned

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