‘Squizzy’ 15L Colour Coded Mopping System With Wheels

The Squizzy mop bucket features a double plastic bucket with fixed divider to separate rinsing water from the detergent solution. It includes two rolls squeezer : one is fixed to the bucket while the other works thanks to steel levers operated by the foot of the operator, avoiding the requirement to bend and preventing possible strain injuries.

The double roll-squeezer gives a good wringing for any cleaning system. The professional cleaning is ensured by the possibility to rinse the tool before dipping in the chemical solution. The Bucket is also equipped with four Ø 50 mm pivoting wheels providing improved manoeuvrability and minimising the requirement to lift the bucket.

The squizzy is a compact professional mopping system for use in small to medium sized areas.

  • Foot operated wringer
  • Double bucket for clean and dirty water separation
  • quick and easy wringing


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