Sandblasting Respirator Suit RPB Nova (2000)

The RPB® Nova 2000 Supplied – Air Respirator Type CE is specifically designed for use during Abrasive Blasting. The RPB® Nova 2000 is Approved by NIOSH (TC-19C-363, 19C-422-TYPE CE) to provide respiratory protection in abrasive blasting and type CE painting applications. It has a multi-layered, sound deadening padding system, which ensures the respirator sits comfortably on your head and turns with you everywhere you look. All parts are field replaceable to minimize downtime and the padding is machine washable for hygiene purposes.

  • The helmet has streamlined air system that directs air to the breathe zone, prevents lens fogging and head chill
  • Super tough helmet shell that is U.V. stabilized and abrasion resistant
  • For viewing the helmet is equipped with a large viewing window thus increased vision while working
  • Cape is securely attached with 8 snap fasteners
  • The cap has 5 options to choose from
  • Robust latch that is easy to locate and use
  • Multi-layered sound deadening foam for hearing protection
  • Hand strap for easy transportation and storage


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