ROTHENBERGER Test pump “RP 50-S”

Sturdy sheet metal vessel with corrosion-proof coating and 12 litre volume. The pressure gauge has a fine scale and is graduated in international units (bar, psi, MPa). Memory pointer for easy determination of the pressure setting or pressure drop. Easy-acting force transfer to the pressure piston, using an ergonomic pump lever. Easy maintenance using a grease nipple. Measurement using a test hose armoured with steel braiding and R ½″ connection.
Pressure testing to national and international guidelines of pipe work and pressure vessels, using
oil or water (up to 60 bar).
Test and pressure range, with 20 psi graduation: 0 – 860 psi.
Test and pressure range, with 1 bar graduation: 0 – 60 bar.
Test and pressure range, with 0.1 MPa graduation: 0 – 6 MPa.
Container length: 720 mm.
Bin width: 170 mm.
Bin height: 260 mm.

  • Twin valve system in monoblack design: constant pressure levels and reduction of leak-prone connections.
  • High performance: long stroke for quick filling.
  • Steel reinforced test hose: not false reading from hose bulging.
  • Tank capacity: 3.2 gal.
  • Suction capacity: 1.5 oz./stroke.


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