Palmrite Fluo Natural Rubber gloves

Add more color to your day with these luminous green Palmrite fluo flocklined gloves, pleasantly apple-scented to uplift any household chore. The extra long length also provides better forearm protection during dish-washing and other household tasks. The flock lining and the shape of the glove provides greater comfort during long hours of glove donning. The glove can also be used in Gardening, Janitorial works, Washing clothes, Laboratories and Domestic chores.

  • Fluorescent green
  • Apple fresh scented
  • Anatomically shaped for comfort
  • Pure cotton flock lining to absorb perspiration
  • Anti-slip for a great grip in wet/dry conditions
  • Fluted cuff
  • Chlorinated for extra chemical resistance
  • Low in soluble proteins


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