Falcon Autoclavable Antistatic clogs

1. Clogs pads are designed to prevent ones feet from fatigue
2. Non-skid on wet surfaces via anti-skid design out soles which are also non
marking custom design.
3. Clogs enhance proper and Fixed Posture.
4. Clogs are anti fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial and are produced from
raw virgin materials.
5. The clogs have Odorless properties and are fully flexible.
6. Product is CE certified
7. The clogs are Anti-static and autoclave suitable
8. White and Blue Color available


1. Co-polymer made of a combination of rubbers in one piece
2. Anti static all round
3. Steam autoclave resistant up to 134 degrees and can be washed at 90 degrees.
4. Ether, ester, alkali, mild acids, resistant to strong acids and oils.
5. Ultra-violet and gamma rays resistant durable product.
6. when Standing for a long period when there is to much work its helps reduce fatigue through accelerating
blood circulation and has massaging effect via the tiny bubbles
7. The Product has inside molds that are  antiperspirant and prevent direct contact of perspiration with the foot
8. The upper edge of the base has ventilation holes to help in aeration
9. The Clogs top does not have holes , which helps to prevent spilled fluids such as blood and secretions from coming into contact with the foot
10. The Internal base has orthopedic properties .
11. Able to influence the character of the heel pad.

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