Espuna Firefighting Glove

Fire-fighter glove, straw-coloured cowhide grain-leather, hand lined with cotton plated para aramid-glass knitting, artery protection, rods at the base of the fingers, split leather cuff closed by hook and loop tape, elasticated wrist on the back.

Protection glove for fire-fighters. Protects the hand against wounds when fire-fighting, particularly in natural areas. This glove can not be used in case of contact with oils or chemical products. The glove must not be used for very risky situations like specialised fire fighting operations (structural, or in presence of chemicals, etc..). These gloves have got a high tensile strength but must not be used when there is a risk of snapping up by machines in movement.                                                                                                                                                              Keep in the original packaging, normal temperature and moisture, opened and airy room. Clean on surface with wet rag. Dry to room temperature. This glove is not machine washable. Level of performances are got on a brand new glove and not washed.


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