CATU Electrical Gloves (Overgloves)

Over-gloves are worn over insulating gloves class 00 and 0. They give mechanical and electrical arc protection.

  • Made from high quality goatskin.
  • Palm and top: silicone treated.
  • Large protective cuff in chrome tanned hide (10 cm length)
  • Form “pre-rounded”
  • Colours: Black and White
  • Characteristics according to the standard EN 388.
  • Abrasion: 2/4
  • Cut: 1/5
  • Tear: 2/4
  • Puncture: 1/4
  • Dexterity level tested according EN 420: 5 (excellent holding).
  • Designed to be worn with the CG or CGA insulting rubber gloves range class 1 to class 4
  • Silicon grain leather, very flexible. With velcro.
  • Large protective cuff in chrome tanned hide. With velcro.


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