CATU CG-10 CLASS 0 Electrical Insulating Rubber Gloves

CATU CG-10 are Class 0 insulating gloves to provide electrical protection for live voltages up to 1000V and are fully compliant with IEC 60903 and  EN 60903 standards.

CG-10 gloves do not provide mechanical protection and require silicon leather overgloves (CATU CG-981).

  • Product Insulating Gloves
  • Part Number CG-10
  • Class 0
  • Live Voltage ≥ 1000V
  • Tested Voltage 1500V
  • Category AZC – Resistant to Acid, O-Zone & Low Temperatures
  • Total Length 360mm
  • Colour Beige
  • Glove Sizes Available 8-11
  • Standards EN 60903 & IEC 60903.



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