Arc Flash face shield

EN 166 (eyes mechanical protection)
EN 170 (UV filters classification)
GS-ET-29 (arc flash protection)
Designed to meet ANSI Z87.1


Protective screen against electrical short-circuit arc
Compliant with the Arc Flash standard GS-ET-29: class 1
Insulating up to 1000 V AC/DC


  •  Arc Flash equipment to be mounted directly over the head, without helmet.
  • Forehead protection in case of short-circuit or electrical contact with the head:
  • With quick head fit adjustment as soon as the equipment is worn
  • Without any metallic part
  • Polycarbonate face shield:
  • Protection against the electric arcs effects class 1 (GS-ET-29)
  • Protection against solid particles blasting : B level (resists to the impact of a steel ball of Ø 6 mm thrown at 120 m/s)
  • Protection against the electric arc UV : protection degree of level 2
  • Anti-mist and anti-scratch treatment
  • Thanks to a ratchet system, the visor is very stable in « flip-up » position

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