• Patented ANSELL GRIP Technology. Industry leading wet and oil grip for added safety and efficiency
  • New Former Design. New former shape provides superior fit for more agility and dexterity in medium duty applications
  • 3/4 Dip Geometry Coating. Coating provides added protection against oil exposure and knuckle abrasion
  • Robust Mechanical Protection. High ANSI Level 4 (EN 4) abrasion resistance and ANSI Level 2 (EN 3) cut resistance
  • Dirt Masking Colors. Dark color hides dirt in oily, grimy and gritty environments
  • Comprehensive Sizing. Sizes 6–11 ensure optimal dexterity and comfort for each worker
  • HPPE Based Liner. High mechanical performance: abrasion, cut and tear resistance combined with a combined with a cool feeling on the hand
  • Also available in vend pack
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  • HyFlex 11-927 is the first HyFlex style to combine advanced cut resistance, oil-repellence and oil grip in a single glove
  • The 11-927 features a durable double coating with industry leading and patented ANSELL GRIP Technology on the palm, for a secure grip in oily environments
  • The liner is made of a light, strong High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) fiber that provides ANSI Level 2 (EN 3) cut performance, with a 3/4 dip primary coating
  • This unique blend of protection and performance makes the 11-927 a versatile choice for any application where workers are handling sharp metal components coated in oil or other lubricants.
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Cut Resistant, Oil & Grease Resistance(workshops)

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