ALTAIR 5XMultigas Detector

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Building upon decades of sensor design experience,
MSA has revolutionized sensor technology with
design breakthroughs that improve performance.
• XCell exotic SO2, NO2, Cl2, and NH3 Sensors for
expanded monitoring applications
• Sensor response and clear times in less than
15 seconds for most common sensor configurations
• Bump test in less than 15 seconds
for most common sensor configurations
• Span calibration time of 60 seconds
for most common sensor configurations
• Greater signal stability and repeatability under
changing or extreme environmental conditions
• All XCell Sensors are capable of plug-and-play
installation for easy reconfiguration,

With reliable, extended-life XCell Sensors,
there’s no need to replace sensors after two years.
• Typical life greater than four years for combustible,
O2, CO/H2S, NO2, and SO2 sensors
• Typical life greater than three years for NH3 and Cl2
• Combustible sensor proprietary operating mode
helps maintain poison-resistance throughout
sensor life
• End-of-sensor-life warning gives advanced notice to
user, reducing service outages
Three-year back-to-back instrument warranty
includes CO/H2S/O2/LEL/SO2, NO2 XCell and IR
Two-year warranty on NH3 and Cl2;
minimum 12-month warranty on other sensors

Count on the ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detector
Exclusive MotionAlert™ and InstantAlert™ features make the ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detector ideal for applications such as confined space monitoring. Motion Alert feature activates when a user becomes disabled and motionless, quickly alerting others as to the disabled user’s location. And with a simple push of a button, Instant Alert feature enables users to manually warn others of potentially hazardous situations.
The ALTAIR 5X Detector is the long-life leader. To prove it, the instrument comes with a full three-year warranty,* an entire year longer than the industry average, so that you can depend upon the ALTAIR 5X Detector to withstand the punishment that other portable gas detectors can’t.

ALTAIR 5XMultigas Detector
ALTAIR 5XMultigas Detector

Online Training and Product Simulation
MSA’s online training and Web content include the ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detector simulator that takes viewers through instrument operation. This tool is found at
MSA-U® Training Center is a feature‐rich online training center that offers specific care and use training for the ALTAIR 5X Detector. Detailed training reports are available for managers, while an end-of-course quiz ensures effective training with feedback on incorrect test answers. Visit

WORKERS who face potentially hazardous situations deserve the best protection available. At MSA, we work tirelessly to build smarter, better gas detection instruments upon which people of the world rely. First we introduced MSA’s advanced technology with the ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector with XCell Sensors. Now we’re proud to offer the most advanced sensor technology available in a six-gas portable instrument:
the ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detector with XCell Sensor Technology and PID option.

Built upon Durability
The ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detector for LEL, O2 and toxic gas detection is as tough and functional as it looks. A rugged, rubberized polycarbonate housing provides unsurpassed durability, including the ability to survive a 10-foot drop. Inside, a field-proven integral pump provides consistent gas flow without the concerns of externally-attached components. Ergonomic design, glove-friendly buttons and high-contrast display make the ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detector easy to use for all applications.

Powered by Performance
Toughness and durability are only part of the story. The real strength of the ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detector comes from state-of-the-art sensor technology. By miniaturizing sensor-controlling electronics and placing them inside the sensor itself, MSA XCell Sensors offer superior stability, accuracy, repeatability, and a typical life of more than double the industry average.
MSA XCell Sensors are a breakthrough in chemical and mechanical sensor design, enabling faster response and span calibration times, saving you time, calibration gas, maintenance costs, and in turn, money. But most importantly, saving seconds in response time can also mean saving lives.
In addition to MSA XCell Sensors, the ALTAIR 5X Detectorcan be equipped with advanced PID options for VOC detection. Our wide variety of IR sensors covers many gases and ranges including CO2.

Flexibility & Connectivity to Meet Your Needs
MSA’s ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detector is configurable with either high-resolution color or monochrome LCD display with 18 built-in languages. MSA’s Logo Express® Service is available to customize the color display. Interchangeable plug-and-play slots for MSA XCell Sensors indicated means that up to six gases can be monitored simultaneously.The ALTAIR 5X Detector is fully compatible with the MSA GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System and MSA Link™ Pro and MSA Link Software to efficiently manage your entire fleet.

ALTAIR 5XMultigas Detector

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