VENUS Mask V- 44+ FFP1 Flat Fold Yellow

Venus Mask is the best mask to fight pollution, dust, cold, heavy wind breeze and from preventing other particulate matter Made of High Quality Cotton Materials Perfect for daily wear to protect you from dust and so on. It protects your health from polluted air. The comfortable and light weight design allows it to fold and fit inside pocket. It comes with breathing holes and a vent to maintain and balance the air flow can be used at any place like office, workplace, home, outside etc.

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  • These filtering face piece respirators are of fold flat design having C Style & V Style.
  • It has superior micro fine filter media technology which protects against reparable suspended particulate matter. These respirators consist of multiple layers viz pre-filter, fine filter and skin comfort layer.
  • This respirators consists of unique fit adjustors which provide optimum fit & comfort. They also have dotted pattern edges for soft feel.
  • This series of respirators have latex free knitted textile elastic which has a long life, is skin friendly and does not deform in high temperature.
  • These series of respirators have head strap stapled outside filter media which avoids puncture in filter are and is leakproof.
  • They have a nose clip which is embedded inside the mask and the respirator has no metal exposure or loose parts.


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