KNIPEX Tool Case “Basic” EMPTY 00 21 05 LE

  • Two metal flip locks and a three-digit combination lock for secure locking of the cover.
  • Label field with two stickers for individual labeling.
  • Max. payload: 15 kg.
  • Volume: 27 litres.
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  • Heavy duty ABS material, black.
  • Circumferential aluminium frame with D-shape rings for the shoulder strap (included).
  • 3-digit lock and two flip-locks for fixation of the cover.
  • Strong, ergonomic handle.
  • Metal hinges.
  • Lid holder with hinge-joint mechanism.
  • Document compartment in the cover.
  • Removable tool board in the lid with nine push-in compartments and an elastic loop on the lid side; with ten slim and one large push in compartments on the bottom side.
  • Base tray, height 55 mm, can be subdivided by inserts; cover plate with 12 large push-in compartments and a flat compartment, can be fixed by press button.
  • Load capacity: 15 kg.

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