The TIRRENO safety helmet has been designed for the optimum protection against impact of objects such as stones, roof tiles, bricks and other objects of similar weight, and against electrical shock up to 440 Vac. The Climax TIRRENO helmet offers effective protection under a wide range of temperatures, from 50ºC to –10ºC. The finish of the helmet has been designed taking into account different possible uses and users, so as to offer the highest level of protection without interfering with the user’s normal work. The TIRRENO helmet is composed of a shell and a cradle, and it is manufactured with lightweight high-resistance materials that have no harmful effects on the user’s health and hygiene.

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  • Made of ABS with high-quality ultraviolet stabilization.
  • Designed and prepared to fit the complete range of CLIMAX accessories
  • Only weights 318 g, with a textile harness with 4 or 6 anchoring points adjustable in height
  • Incorporates a replaceable sweatband to easily absorb sweat and securing system to incorporate a two chin-strap
  • System with three ventilation holes for greater user comfort.

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