WERA Bit-Check 30 Zyklop Mini 05073640001

Wera Zyklop Mini 1: a symbiosis of strength and stylishness. Incredibly robust due to its drop-forged, full-steel design. Can withstand torque forces up to 65 Nm. The petite sizing is particularly suited for work in confined spaces. The thumbwheel allows fast screwdriving. Comes in a set in the proven Wera Bit-Check with socket adaptor and belt clip. Simple tool removal and reinsertion is ensured, very robust and durable.

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  • Bit checks convince due to their functionality in a minimum of space.
  • Wera Mini ratchet for particularly fast screw-driving even in confined spaces.
  • Ideal for working in confined spaces.
  • Tough viscous bits for universal use.
  • In handy and robust bit-check.

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